Companys Mission

Chelyabinsk Fat-and-Oil Plant, CJSC was founded in 1995. Due to strong business qualities of its head Oleg V. Pavlov, the company has grown from a small shop floor into a powerful operation known throughout Russia and in some countries abroad.

Custom shops at our integrated plant are equipped with modern Bulgarian and German equipment for production of oil and fat products, condiments and canned fruits and vegetables. The plant also possesses filling and packaging equipment.

The modern Bulgarian machine (extruder and injection-molding machine) for blowing plastic bottles and caps allows reducing the prime cost of ketchup and condiments in this package.

Thanks to the possibility to clean and grind the spices at the plant, our condiments are always full of fresh and fragrant essential oils of coriander, cardamom and other spices.

The Company owns large warehouse spaces and a solid fleet of both owned and hired trucks.

Our products will always be delivered to you carefully, efficiently and with best quality!

We offer our clients:

  • A wide range of products from premium to economy class with competitive prices, environmentally certified;
  • Well-known regional brands;
  • Sound experience of working with clients, respectability;
  • Flexible discount system, delivery and forwarding of goods to client's warehouse;

Social Programs

We help those who need us. The main concern for our care and support is the Social Rehabilitation Center for Minors in Chelyabinsk. By being socially responsible, we are engaged in charitable programs conducted by the Administration of Chelyabinsk City.

Chelyabinsk Fat-and-Oil Plant represents the Ural food industry in the Russian regions and contributes significantly to the development and integration of trade relations.